Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Celebrating amazing creative women on this International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, I share an interactive maker project that I created  a few years ago that was inspired by two amazing  women - Lauren Wooden  and  Sarah Rosedahl whose paintings were inspired by the Women's March. 

I created a black wooden backdrop to showcase the their paintings. 

I then went on a search for audio that would complement their paintings.  After hours of  combing the Internet for just the right audio. I ended up with  a speech from Sojourner Truth, and a speech from 6 year old Sophie Cruz,  and two different pieces of music (one from Alexa Babakhanian and one from The Resistance Revival Chorus.)

I used a Makey Makey, some copper tape and a few wires to create triggers that would allow the audience to be inspired listening to audio of their choice as they enjoyed the art inspired by the Women's March.  The Audience can select their preferred audio piece by touching the little copper tabs next to each audio selection.  

This project became very personal to me.  I got to feel that maker empowerment that our students feel as they create, make, and learn.  But I also remembered all the women in my life who had inspired me, including teacher - Maggie Griffith who made sure I wold become the first person in my family to attend college. 

I thought of all women who have joined me in creating events that inspire girls to swim in the deep end of the pool when it comes to using technology. 

I thought of all the girls who have attended Tech Savvy Girls Camp over the past 20 years  who have inspired their sister campers. 

I hope you will be inspired too, by trying this simulation of the actual interactive exhibit coded in SCRATCH. 

Here's a sneak peak around back so you can see how the Makey Makey is connected to create triggers on the board. 

To experience the Interactive Board virtually  and learn how I created this project, check out the following SCRATCH PROJECT where I describe the process of creating this interactive board.   The SCRATCH PROJECT   also simulates the experience of interacting with the board itself.

Happy International Women's Day

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