Thursday, March 10, 2022

Building 3D shapes with 2D cutters (part 2)

 In yesterday's March is for Making post we started to explore ways to create boxes or other 3D shapes using makerspace computer controlled tools like laser cutters and electronic cutters.

Today I'll share some great tools for creating files you can cut that can be used to create 3D Shapes 

A great place to start might be to customize your own ruler then use that rule to plan your 3D shapes.

Try using this ruler generator   How about importing your ruler and adding your name before cutting it using the Text feature in of your cutting software or other vector software like Gravit. 

MakerCase is one of the most popular box maker is this simple to use box maker with simulation so you can visualize it before you cut it. 

Another popular box maker that includes a lot of variety is  Boxes. PY
It's a bit more complicated but has so many variations, its worth playing with once you have completed a few more simple boxes

A few other simple box makers include

Here is a fun Maze Generator that downloads as SVG for cutting and assembling

With a little practice you could be making some Flex Boxes like this. 

If you are looking for some a little motion in your project, consider using a Gear Generator

Gear Designer

Or perhaps this Gear Calculator

Another helpful resource might be a SVG nesting tool like this which allows you to rearrange your SVG's so they waste less materials

Many thanks to Theresa from Maker Design Lab for sharing these along with her process as she is learning more about laser cutting. 

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