Saturday, December 16, 2017

String Art Project inspired by fellow #vted maker educators

I’m always amazed but not surprised when I see how my students projects build on each others projects throughout the year. It reinforced in me the importance of sharing our projects publicly. Just last night I reviewed the projects in my Maker Centered Learning course - an elective in Teaching with Technology Master’s program at Marlboro Graduate School and was so impressed with the String Art project that Faith Horton (4th grade teacher) completed as her end of semester project.

Marcia Gauvin's Kindergarten students
Reading through Faith’s process journal I saw that it was inspired by a current Marlboro student ( Marcia Gauvin) and the woodworking projects she does with younger learners in her STEM Lab and also inspired by a recent Marlboro alum, Jill Dawson, who constantly shares her circuit projects.

Jill Dawson paper circuit project

If you’re looking for a way to engage students that week before the holidays, why not skip the holiday movie and instead have them creating and making holiday themed string art that also increases their mathematical understanding. Here is Faith’s inspiring and well documented project and the standards it’s aligned to.