Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Playful Learning - SVG


Excited to announce that I've been able to organize a group of my maker educator friends to create a Playful Learning Lounge at Dynamic Landscapes 2021.   Come play with Caty Wolfe, Patricia Aigner, Darcie Rankins, Kristen Wilson, Tony Galle and myself at the Dynamic Landscapes Playful Learning Lounge 2021.   Come play with us!  Here's a sneak preview of my session where we create an SVG graphic than can be turned into something that brings you joy. 

Finding Joy - SVG Project
for Dynamic Landscape 2021
Playful Learning Lounge

Learn a New Skill, Tips, and Tricks for creating using SVG Graphic

If I sent you to find joy, where would you go?  Where would you look? 

Let's create a simple object that reminds you of something that brings you joy. 
This object could be a keychain, a sun-catcher, an ornament,  a laptop sticker, window decal, or even a piece of jewelry,   Here is an example of what we will make. 
Cardboard prototype & acrylic earrings

The first thing you'll need to do is to design a scalable vector graphic file or an SVG file. 

We'll use GRAVIT.io  - a free cloud-based design application that can be used to design SVG files. 
Start by creating an account on GRAVIT.io.  I use my Google Account.  Then use the short video tutorials  below to create your SVG graphic file. 

Getting started with Gravit

Designing using Basic Shapes

Creating Compound Shapes from Simple Shapes

Integrating Pre-made SVG designs 

Saving and Exporting your SVG design

Create and Make Time with your New Skill and Share a Picture or Video here! Select the appropriate column on our Padlet.

Connect and Discuss ideas for designing playful learning using SVG graphics Share your ideas during our Dynamic Landscape Playful Learning Lounge or add them to the comments of the prompt found on our Playful Learning Padlet

Enter the No Tech - Low Tech - High Tech  Playful Learning Challenge


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