Thursday, April 29, 2021

Playful Learning Lounge at Dynamic Landscapes conference

One of the ways I'm finding joy this month is to connect and play with my playful colleagues as we prepare for the Playful Learning Lounge at Dynamic Landscape conference  starting next week.

 I so missed engaging with my colleagues and friends at the Innovation Lounge of our f2f conferences each year, that I just had  to bring a  group of them together to play at Dynamic Landscape.  We hope you'll join us and stop by the Playful Learning Lounge every Monday and Thursday during the 3 weeks of Dynamic Landscape starting May 3 where you can roll up your sleeves and create and make as you  pick up some new tips and tricks for designing playful learning experiences with kids.  Come by to play with 

  • the cardboard queen - Caty Wolfe from Center for Tech at Essex)
  • Patricia Aigner from Rutland City Schools for some paper engineering
  • Darcie Rankin from St. Albans City School and some LOOSE Parts
  • Kristen Wilson from River Valley Tech Center and her MicroBits 
  • Tony Galle from St. Albans Town School and his 3D printing genius 
  • and ME as I get you started with SVG graphics on a Chromebook that you can use on your 3D printer, Cricut Cutter, Laser Cutter, Large Scale Printer, Embroidery Machine and more

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