Wednesday, February 3, 2021

ONE WORD Projects using Gravit Designer

What a fun maker educator get-together we had last month as we took on the ONE WORD CHALLENGE and learned to take our ONE WORD and use GRAVIT Designer to turn it into an SVG file that could be used to create an artifact that would helps us focus on our ONE WORD throughout the year.

Your list of words was perfect for kicking off the new year. 

You demonstrated a maker mindset as you learned or practiced the skills necessary to turn your word into an SVG file.  Thanks for those who shared their SVG design.  I love the way each one of these was designed, ungrouped, and edited, then regrouped and edited again to result make it the perfect SVG design for all sorts of maker tools from 3D printers to vinyl cutters, to laser cutters. 

And special thanks to Kari Ahem,  Brucie Donahue, Anne Pius for coming back to share what you CREATED from that SVG file using your laser cutter, 3D printer, and vinyl cutter.

Throughout the month I have  continued to work on my One Word Challenge Artifacts and even added one artifact to the mix that I created with my new embroidery machine. 

If you missed the workshop, here is a 20 minute tutorial that reviews what we learned. 

And for a wonderful set of short intro video tutorials to Gravit, check out John Umekubo's series here starting with his BASICS tutorial below

Thanks to everyone who came to learn and play together. 

I left so inspired by you  and our desire to connect to create, make, and learn together more often.

It seemed like having two sessions (one during the day and one after school) worked well last time.
Let's do it again! 

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I've been thinking of what our next topic can be.
Inspired by some sessions I attended at Playfest 2021, I think it might be fun to all EXCHANGE ideas of how we can use PAPER and CARDBOARD to create a MAKER MINDSET. 
Bring paper, cardboard,  tape, glue, stapler, scissors and your playful spirit.
Also bring ideas to share of projects and challenges using paper and cardboard
 that you have worked for you and your students.

Wednesday February 17

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