Friday, March 12, 2021

Making Media with Remote Collaborators

Each of us in the educational technology field who have been influenced by Dr. Ruben Puenteduraare constantly see technology through the S.A.M.R. lens.  We know that it's not the tool that determines whether a technology is transformative, but how it's used.   

This school year has certainly provided ample opportunity for technology to create tasks that were previously inconceivable.  Who would have predicted the many ways we have found to keep on creating, making, and learning together remotely throughout the past 12 months. 

After seeing my sons pull together hundreds of musicians from NYC last year to Keep on Singing 

I started to imagine ways we could make media projects with remote collaborators in our schools. 

Luckily I found others who were willing to play and we experimented with this virtual caroling project for our state conference, 

I could not have asked for better timing for 

This WeVideo feature brings the same level of collaboration to media making that Google brought to us with Google Docs.   This brought so many possibilities that were previously inconceivable -and I was itching to try some of these ideas out.  When I put a call out for ideas of how we might create examples and workflows of media making with remote learners, My PLN did not disappoint.  The ideas ranged from Virtual Choirs, Newscasts, Talk shows,  Reader's Theatre, Poetry Readings, Podcast,  to Cooking Shows.

So many great ideas for collaborative projects, but the enthusiasm from the Vermont School Library Association around Readers Theater made it seem like the perfect fit for practicing  and sharing the workflow for collaborative media making project. 

In the next few post for this blog, I'm going to share what we are learning along the way that might help you create a successful workflow for media making with remote collaborators. 

Yes, WeVideo will be in the mix,  but so will other tools and practices that make it possible for us to collaborate remotely, as well as, in the same space.   Please send along your examples or tips and tricks  in the comments, via email, or twitter @techsavvygirl and I'll add them in this series. 

Let's start with PRO TIP #1   
SUCCESSFUL Collaborative Projects 

  • ENGAGES all participations
  • CREATES opportunity for CONNECTIONS
  • BUILDS Community
  • MEETS Social Emotional Needs of us a Humans
  • EMPHASIZES process over product
  • INCLUDES the VOICE of  your collaborators
  • STRENGTHEN Relationships

Our first step in organizing our Collaborative project did just that!
Several Vermont School Librarians showed up eager to share their ideas, knowledge, and skills.
I left filled with joy, excited about the project, and connected to community. 

Using everyone's input we decided on a script from Joseph Bruchac

Raccoon and the Crayfish

Stay tuned for the next post where we'll share Step 2 in our organizational process



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