Sunday, March 17, 2019

Day 17 Meet Toad- Bobbie's Art in Tow!

One of the reasons Craig and I travel around the US for 6 months of the year is that we are in search of creatives, creative spaces, and creative convergences.

One of the highlights of this year's trip was meeting Bobbie and Kurt when we were out in Desert Hot Springs.  Every day we walked by their campsite we could see Bobbie working on making art with her car and RV as her canvas.

How cool is that, to be able to take your art with you, even when you don't have much space!
And to always be creating and making where ever you are!

Today our paths crossed again as we were both in Texas, and I asked Bobbie if she would give us a tour of her masterpiece!

Meet TOAD - the Art Car! 

And for those who ever towed a car behind an RV, you'll appreciate the name! 

and Bobbie Pieres,  who created TOAD! 

Take a peek inside and you'll see that Bobbie's artistic work both in and out of the car

The roof will help you understand where it got it's name. 

The attention to detail everywhere is amazing! 

 And there is even a special place decorated especially for their dog, Adelphia!

As I walked with Bobbie, I asked her what high school school was like for her, and was not surprised to hear her say that she pretty much lived in the art room. This had me thinking of how my boys pretty much lived in the music room during their high school years and how knew the library well, but didn’t really spend much time in either of those spaces.

What would it be like if we schools had a place that welcomed many different types of creatives to create and make together or alongside of each other. And what if we expanded the definition of creative to be those who create with code or with words.

To me that sounds like another reason for schools to create maker spaces. I can’t even imagine the amazing outcomes of such a place that welcomed all types of kids to come create, make, and learn together.

Thank you Bobbie for the tour of your car and also for helping me consider the role a maker space might have to bring all types of creatives into one place to create, make, and learn together.

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