Thursday, June 20, 2019

Join us at Orleans Central SU for a Fun Day of Creating, Making, and Learning


Designing Low Threshold Maker Challenges  90 min - 2 hours

Appropriate for all grade levels from PreK - 12.

We’ll experience different Maker Challenges as a student and discuss facilitating maker challenges that use Cardboard, Craft Supplies, Circuit materials, and other low threshold materials. (Low Threshold activities are easily accessible for participants with NO experience and can be modified so they are appropriate for a variety of grade levels)

Participants will then design a grade appropriate challenge associated with a piece of literature or content theme.

Bring a book or piece of literature you read with your students.

Creating Confidence with Circuits and Code

(Grades 3- 12)
(Attend the whole series or individual components)
Each of the sessions below could be between 60 - 90 minute

Session 1 Creating Confidence with Circuits and Code using Micro:bits

A Micro:bit is a low cost circuit board that works with block based coding to support exploration of several phenomen, inventive thinking, and computational thinking. It has rapidly become one of the most popular STEM/STEAM maker tools around for its ease of use and rich educational resources available to support educators and student learning. . Appropriate for grades 4 - 12.

Session 2 Creating Confidence with Circuits and Code using Makey Makey

Makey Makey has long been one of the easiest circuit boards around in the makerspace STEM/STEAM space. It works with Scratch (from MIT) to introduce students to inventive thinking, problem solving, designing thinking and computational thinking.
It is the perfect maker tool to help create a maker mindset, and build foundational skills using circuits and code. Appropriate for grades 3 - 12.

Note: Makey Makey is more entry level and can be used with programs where they can invent with circuits without any coding. Adding coding options makes it a tool with a high ceiling that students of any age can use as an introduction to physical computing.

Session 3: Creating an Integrated STEAM infused Unit/Project

Using the skills you learned above (Microbit or Makey Makey) participants will experience design thinking to create a STEAM project that informs, persuades, and entertains.

We’ll examine the making of an integrated STEAM Unit Example and identify standards and proficiencies that can be addressed in several content areas. Participants will have the opportunity to start planning their own integrated STEAM Project appropriate for their own content and grade levels.


Day 2 Playful Prototypes (Tentative)

Framing the Conversation Around Makerspaces
What, Why, How and Who
(60 minutes)
Introductory workshops Presentation/ Discussion on the Power of Maker Centered Learning and how to frame questions around makerspaces. Will include a hands on activity: Create a Design Notebook 30 minute

Experience Makerspace Tools, Materials, and Practice by creating Playful Prototypes

This workshop provides a hands on experience with 3 different types of maker tools/practices This could be offered as a workshop format with specific times for each part or it could be offered as a Drop in with opportunities to explore other maker tools and supplies and consult as needed.

Experiencing STEAM Challenges using a WindTunnel - 30 min

Building Your Own Wind Tunnel using Design Thinking - 60 min

Creating solutions using fabrication tools (create sun catchers and wind spinners)

Cricut Cutter (low cost accessible to all schools between $200 - $300)

Optional: 3D printer additional time needed

Optional: laser cutter additional time needed

The first two are accessible without specialized tools.
The third option is an introduction to different computer controlled fabrication tools often found in a makerspace

Playful Prototypes: Slides

Design Thinking - Make a Wind Tunnel
60 - 90 minutes hours
Teachers will experience Design Thinking while creating a tool for their classroom or school makerspace (a wind tunnel) that they will take back to their school. Teams from schools (3-5 people per team).
Cost of materials will be billed separately

Wind Spinners and Sun Catchers

Use a maker tool for fabrication (i.e. Cricut Cutter, Glow Forge Laser Cutter, 3D printer) to design a wind spinner or Sun Catcher.

These tools range from $200 - $2500. Come experience them, learn the difference between each and the pros and cons of each one while making either a Wind Spinner or Sun Catcher. This workshop will help participants make selections about which of these tools belongs in their school makerspace and why by providing a hands on experience that ALL teachers can enjoy (no experience necessary)