Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Using Scratch for Audio Projects

A recent tweet from @CrisMagaletti got me thinking about how one might use Scratch as a podcasting tool.

The current version of Scratch has an great audio editor built in.

  • It is free and can be used both in the cloud or offline.
  • Students can easily record, edit, and add special effects. 
  • You can even export the audio created to your local computer and use it with other platforms.

So why not use it to create audio files for podcasting.

You could even create a cardboard boombox or other cardboard podcast player to activate the podcast by connecting it to a Makey Makey, FunKey or other micro-controller.

Now I can't wait to go try this with students. But since I don't have students this week, I decided to share a few projects where I leveraged the audio features of Scratch along with its ability to be used for physical computing.

But as soon as I have an opportunity to build off the idea of creating a podcast with students using Scratch that came from @CrisMageletti's tweet.

I'll create a followup post and let you know how it goes.

Here are some tips and ideas for using Scratch's audio editing features.

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