Saturday, October 31, 2020

Real-Time Collaboration with WeVideo - Virtual Caroling Project

When WeVideo announced  that its Real Time Collaboration  feature was LIVE, I was excited to try it, but didn't realize such an authentic opportunity would present itself so quickly. 

This week I was scheduled to present a session on creating virtual choir type projects at VermontFest 2020.   Although my slides were ready, and I had practiced the project several times, I still didn't feel confident in the final step - aligning all the clips so that the finished project would pass muster with folks with a truly musical ear.  I don't have the fine-tuned ear for music that my children have.  

As luck would have it, while I was 'playing around' with WeVideo to test the real-time collaboration, the phone rang. It was my son, Adam.  I quickly asked him if he would explore the real-time collaboration features of WeVideo with me and help me make the final touches to our Virtual Caroling Project. 

What happened next was amazing. Not only did we test out the real-time collaboration features of WeVideo - but I got an authentic mentoring session filled with tips and tricks on how to fine-tune a virtual choir type video project from an expert!  Not only is Adam a talented musician with experience at making virtual choir type videos -  he's an amazing teacher.  With his permission, I recorded our mentoring session - made possible due to the REAL-TIME collaboration features of WeVideo. 

It's a bit long, but if you're looking for pointers on synchronizing and polishing a WeVideo virtual choir type projects with great sound,  check out our authentic real-time collaboration session below. 

And to see the results of our collaboration session - check out  our finished video - a  really fun Virtual Caroling Project Video created as part of VermontFest 2020.

To learn more about the recent release of this WeVideo feature - check out the official 

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