Thursday, October 22, 2020

Creating and Collaborating Remotely with WeVideo

Covid has introduced constraints in our lives in so many ways.  But with constraints comes increased creativity.  The number of ways that the CREATE, MAKE, and LEARN community has embraced constraints continues to inspire me.   

Inspired by the creativity of Adam and Matt Podd to "keep on singing" in a Covid world - I've decided to put together a session at VermontFest 2020 that features collaborative workflows with Google and WeVideo that can help you and your students create and collaborate remotely as well. 

Join me and some fun creative GUESTS for a hands on workshop where you will walk away with new skills and resources for remote collaboration using WeVideo and Google Drive. We'll use Virtual Caroling as a project, but these skills can be applied to all types of creative collaboration.  

Come have some fun with us on 

Tuesday, October 27, 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

       Pre-conference Hand-on workshop - Includes a Virtual Caroling Kit ($50 value) 
       Learn more and register here.

Block M – October 30, 7:00 PM & Block P – October 31, 11:30 AM

       Standard conference session (demo of features) 
        Learn more and register here. 

Want a sneak preview - check out this 30 second video  of some #vted colleagues preparing for this session.  Which #vted colleague can you spy?

A Caroling We Will Go With WeVideo & Collaborative Workflows

Workshop Description: 

Singing together is one way classrooms, choirs, communities meet their social emotional needs. And even Covid-19 can’t stop us from singing together. In this workshop, Lucie will provide a demo showing tricks and tips of how to pull off a virtual caroling session featuring WeVideo. She’ll show you the most efficient workflows to bring your community together to create a virtual caroling event. This workflow will save you so many pre-and post-production hours, that you’ll be ‘laughing all the way’ and so will your students and colleagues.  

Lucie brings her passion for learning through creating and making, members of the Create Make Learn Community, and special musical guests to the scene in what promises to be a fun-filled hands on workshop. All you need to bring is  two devices (a smart phone or tablet for recording) and a laptop or chromebook — and a willingness to have a little fun. 

You’ll leave with an efficient collaborative workflow to share with others in your school, some tips about  WeVideo features you didn’t even know existed, and a new way to tend to the social emotional needs of your learning community. 

This workflow was developed by two alumns from our Vermont schools – whose virtual choir video went viral this spring – and they are willing to share their secret sauce with YOU!  For a sneak preview check out 

Registration fees for this pre-conference workshop includes a Virtual Caroling Kit from


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