Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Adding #CNC to EMMA - Unboxing Carvey

UPS delivered my box from Inventables over a week ago -- right in the middle of grades being due
for the online class I teach at UVM.  I knew if I opened up the box that contained my Carvey, my grad students would NOT get the attention they deserved on their final feedback.  SO I refrained from breaking the box open.

As it sat in my makerspace studio,  Generator members walked by wondering when I was going to break into the huge INVENTABLES box sitting on the floor.

Finally yesterday, I couldn't wait any longer.

Here are just a couple notes from my first meeting with CARVEY.

and a short video of the unboxing.

I was up and running fairly quickly with only a couple of challenges.

1)  Make sure you have someone else around!  It's a two person unbox.  It even comes with a special strap and instructions on how TWO people can use the special strap to remove the Carvey  from the box.      I managed to cut open the box, tilt it enough to drag Carvey  out of the box by myself - but was not able to lift it onto a table by myself.

That worked great until it came time to put in the BIT.  Thankfully my husband arrived with the computer I had left at home just in time to help me lift it onto a table so I could actually see what I was doing.

2)  The EASEL software is not totally cloud based!  It requires a driver download which did not go well on my Windows 7 laptop.  But thankfully it was seamless on my MAC.  Need to do more work on my Windows machine and  also see if Chromebooks are even a possibility.

3) Now I'm  thinking about how I will transport Carvey when I want to use it as part of EMMA - my mobile studio for Creating and Making that goes to schools and community events.  Will need to design a way to transport safely.

But for now.. I'm eagerly looking forward to deciding on my first entry level project!
All ideas welcomed!

Here's a blog post describing my journey to selecting Carvey as my first CNC maker tool.